Since 1998 The Paper History Channel staff has been trying to solve the riddle of The Black Pusey paper machine.

From Paper History Channel, 1999

The "Black Pusey?"
(No it's not a joke-read on!)

We continued to pick up rumors about a Pusey & Jones paper machine manufactured by Black Clawson sometime in the mid 1950s,The machine was supposedly sub-contracted to Blacks after Pusey & Jones discontinued operations. It has been suggested by a couple sources the machine was at Fibreboard and/or Southland Papers. We contacted several industry sources and have not uncovered information to confirm or deny this story. We would like to put this rumor to rest! If anyone can shed any light on this, please contactct or gringo2@frisurf.

We confirmed that P & J did build a machine for Fiberboard in July 1956. See the entry for such a machine in this Pusey Jones data sheet at this Link:  (Select the reformatted sheet7 link.)

The investigation continued: After seeking more information, we received quite a few e-mails. These are just a few:

From: Bill, Feb 26, 07.53

The "Black Pusey"-machine really intrigues me. The only machine that Pusey built for Fiberboard that I am aware of was for their East Antioch, CA mill after World War 2. The machine was contracted about 1946. Since this was ten years prior to P & J falling on hard times - I doubt that this is the machine completed by Black Clawson and became the somewhat mysterious "Black Pusey". Further, Phillips International Paper Directory - 98 edition lists only one mill in Antioch; CA now owned by Gaylord Container Corp. The plot thickens! response:: We have contacted both Gaylord and Black Clawson regards the "Black Pusey." If we get any confirmation, we will post it on the Pusey & Jones Story links.

From: Jim Feb 24, 00:24

Luigi ... I believe the last machine built by P&J was the No 3 machine at Fiberboard in Antioch, CA ... P&J didn't finish building it ...they started it and went broke in the middle and Black Clawson took it over and finished it...It was nicknamed the "Black Pusey" ...

From: Francis, Feb 27, 11.13

It seems to me I recall that the John Inglis Company, Ltd, built the Fraser Paper Company No 4 machine that was originally ordered from Pusey and Jones. A also seem to remember that John Inglis purchased the assets of Pusey & Jones back in the mid-fifties and was later merged with Dominion who later was purchased by Valmet. Perhaps one of your readers can shed some more light on this. response:: Let's hope so! My first reaction is, where people go for P & J replacement parts?

There is more....We also received e-mails at various times over the years that suggested the Black Pusey was really at Fraser Paper at Madawaska, ME, Union Bag at Savannah, Ga., Southland Paper Mill at Lufkin, TX and other locations.

Update April 13, 2009

This E-mail received from our associate editor Oyvind Haugen in Norway dated April 13, 2009.

Hi, Luigi,
Remember a few years back when we were searching for a paper machine nick named the Black Pusey? We got word that the machine is still in operation at Fiberboard Products Inc. in East Antioch, CA. Also, I'm sure you remember that it got it's nick-name from being built by Pusey & Jones and rebuilt by Blacks. 

The attached photograph shows a 156" Kraft paper machine built by Pusey & Jones for Fiberboard Products Inc. in East Antioch, CA - under contract 1842. The contract #1842, that called for this paper machine, was drawn up by Pusey & Jones and Fiberboard Products in July 1946.

As Always Doc & Tony S.  (A.K.A) Oyvind Haugen of Paper History Channel

PS. Here's a picture of the Fibreboard Machine

Click image for a larger view

 Both Oyvind and I are convinced the riddle has been solved!